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Disputes in the South China Sea

OTTAWA, July 14, 2016 - Senator Victor Oh today issued the following statement concerning ongoing disputes in the South China Sea.

“The Permanent Court of Arbitration delivered its final ruling in the case launched by the Philippines over disputed maritime claims in the South China Sea. However, a lasting solution to this long-standing issue is not yet in sight.

“I am deeply concerned by the rising tensions in the South China Sea, which have the potential to undermine regional peace and stability in this region.

“I strongly encourage all parties to come together to find a diplomatic solution to the overlapping claims in the South China Sea. Although this objective may seem difficult to achieve, it is not impossible.

“A sustained commitment to peaceful negotiations and cooperation from all parties, through bilateral and multilateral approaches, can lead to a mutually acceptable resolution to this dispute.

“I therefore urge all parties to engage in an amicable and open dialogue towards this goal for the benefit of the countries involved and the entire global community.”