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As announced on October 17, 2013, all national Conservative Caucus members will proactively disclose their travel and hospitality expenses online in order to improve accountability and transparency in the Senate.

Below you will find links for Senator Oh's monthly proactive disclosure reports for his travel and hospitality expenses, for which he has been reimbursed by the Senate of Canada.


Please note the following:

  • These reports are prepared by our office as part of the proactive disclosure objective of the national Conservative Caucus
  • The dollar amounts in the reports will be different from the quarterly reports officially published by Senate Finance, due to the fact that the reporting periods are different from the Senate quarterly reports. In addition, the reports published in this section only include travel and hospitality expenses for each reporting period.
  • Please note the amounts disclosed after "Other" is the fee that is paid to the travel agency.


To view an expense report, click on the relevant time period.